My top priority is to build and maintain a sustainable future for our city. There are three aspects to sustainability for cities; fiscal, environmental, and social sustainability. All three must be in balance…

Fiscal Sustainability:

  • Continue to operate with a balanced budget
  • Promote more robust local retail
  • Strive for responsible commercial development that enhances quality of life. Invest in planning ahead and proactively managing traffic patterns and other impacts of development
  • Continue to partner with organizations that can invest in the city

Environmental Sustainability:

  • More actively manage water run off through impervious requirement adjustments, working closely with MSD
  • Create more welcoming, human scale streetscapes in our downtown, by creating a plan and codifying it
  • Better provide for alternative transportation with a priority on walking
  • Be part of the regional effort to more efficiently consume energy

Social Sustainability:

  • Maintain public safety at the highest levels
  • Place a priority on transparency and trust in our city government
  • Strive for better in our communications with residents and businesses
  • Create enrichment opportunities that enhance our community such as performing arts, events and amenities
  • Be a leader in fostering regional cooperation and planning for a viable St. Louis metro area
  • Take a serious look at disparity and initiate changes, perhaps even a human rights task force


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